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Whytebage International Limited Vacancies 2020 June 2021 - Jobvacan
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Whytebage International Limited Vacancies 2020

Job Description

Job Title: Senior Sales and Marketing Officer 

Contribute to the formulation and implementation of strategy and plans as appropriate to the needs and objectives of company
·         Contribute towards growth and profitability by developing and implementing market communication plans to maximize product sales revenue within the overall business development strategy framework

·         Assess domestic and regional market opportunities, determine competitiveness of market chains, identify market imperfections and support development of selected market chains

·         Lead the development of Company’s Integrated marketing and communication (IMC) strategy (corporate strategies, objectives, advertisements, promotions, sponsorships and data base programs)

Build databases on industry trends and competitive landscape; identify new market opportunities, market/sales outlets, potential customers, institutions, major actors, technologies and processes required to catalyze expansion of target market chains
Develop comprehensive branding and trade marketing strategies for products and services and communication strategy and plans including themes and messages for branding Company, products and services to achieve defined/specified marketing objectives
·         Design, execute and manage an overall effective, efficient and profitable marketing programs

·         Interact with cross functional teams to develop and improve brand building activities to improve sales.

Develop and launch major promotional campaigns for products and services.
·         Ensure a culture of excellent customer service delivery and marketing relationships with major end users/buyers.

·         Monitor, review and report on all marketing activities to ensure provision of goods and services that satisfy end user needs and keep Management apprised with marketing processes and informed on sales and product trends

·         Translate supplier’s strategic marketing objectives into initiatives, executable and impactful programs and ensure alignment across the sales and marketing functions on field sales and marketing initiatives.


·         Determine and manage marketing budget and resources and participate in the design of promotional materials and maintaining contacts with marketing agencies

·         Assess performance of all programs designed to enhance brand awareness, product presence and sales/shelf-off-takes.

·         Submit monthly documentation or reports to Management

·         Undertake any other duties periodically assigned by Management


A minimum degree in marketing from a reputable university

Above three (3) years’ experience in a sales and marketing role.

Must have worked in a similar role

Experience from a Food or Agricultural Industry will be an added advantage.

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