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Transportation Manager at SUNDA International - Jobs in Ghana May 2020 - Jobvacan

Transportation Manager at SUNDA International – Jobs in Ghana

Working location: Ghana Senegal Côte d’Ivoire

Job profile

Department: Overseas Storage and Transportation Department

Relationship between superiors and subordinates: direct superior is East/West Africa Storage and Transportation Manager

Subordinates: Local Director of the Ministry of Transport

Recruitment reasons: new / fill

Job Responsibilities

1. Establishment of the transportation department process: Establish and improve the management system and management process of the branch transportation department, establish a standardization system for transportation and distribution management, and ensure the normal operation of the transportation department of the branch office.

2. Organization and management of the Ministry of Transportation: Manage the branch transportation department and improve the logistics management work manual. Establish a branch distribution team system to provide efficient delivery services for branch customers.

3. Personnel training of the Ministry of Transport: Responsible for the training of the personnel of the branch transportation department, establish the company’s unified service standards, and complete the daily work with quality and quantity.

4. Continuous improvement of logistics and transportation: carry out logistics distribution efficiency analysis and logistics cost analysis, and develop improvement plans.

5. Cost control of the Ministry of Transportation: Formulate and implement the annual budget of the branch transportation department, monitor the expenses of the branch transportation department, and control the expense ratio; continuously integrate the transportation resources and adopt new methods to continuously reduce transportation costs.

job requirements

1. College degree or above, logistics and other related majors are preferred.

2. More than 3 years experience in transportation related jobs, and experience in well-known enterprises is preferred.

3. Proficient in logistics management, supply chain management and other related professional knowledge, master plan management, warehouse management tools and methods, and understand financial management related knowledge.

4. Good communication and coordination skills, high problem solving ability and analytical judgment.

5. High sense of responsibility, pragmatic and dedicated, willing to accept overseas resident work, English or French can be used as working language.


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