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SPIE Oil & Gas Services Jobs 2020 December 2020 - Jobvacan

SPIE Oil & Gas Services Jobs 2020

Prepares with COMPANY Process Engineer, COMPANY ICSS Specialist Engineer (Onshore) and SMC Vendors, corrective actions and modifications of the ICSS system.

Job Description

Job Title: ICSS Engineer 


Assists the Planning Engineer with the resourcing and suitable planning input to ensure a quality preparation and execution of all ICSS and System works.
With his teams assists specialists working under Specific Maintenance Contracts (SMC), Ensures that COMPANY’s HSE regulations are respected (especially procedures related to Work Permits), as well as approved operating procedures and standard industry practice during preparation and performance of maintenance operations placed under his responsibility,
Manages interventions using the CMIMS and work packs provided by the planning team,
Reviews all intervention reports in the CMIMS (including those concerning VENDORS) and writes the detailed technical reports related to his field,
Monitors the functioning of any equipment placed under his responsibility, Performs troubleshooting in the ICSS, PLC, etc.
Follows up the Parameter values and alarms in the concerned systems for condition monitoring purposes, Controls and applies inhibits in the systems as directed and controlled by COMPANY rules and procedures. Maintains an accurate and auditable log of all system faults and inhibits (Short term and long term)
Takes part in daily, weekly and coordination meetings on SITE,
Ensures that the transfer of knowledge by mentoring occurs properly within his teams and actively participates in this himself, leading others by his example,
Manages and Coaches/Mentors the ICSS/PLC Helpers directly under his responsibility,
Carries out, at team leader request and COMPANY Validation, any intervention within his field of competence.
Takes in charge the systems under his responsibility in case of breakdown until correct operation is resumed.

Desired Skills and Experience

Identifies, in the preparatory stage of maintenance works, any delicate operations and ensures that proper studies of the risks involved are carried out beforehand,
Identifies recurrent corrective maintenance interventions, analyses them and suggests improvements,
Keeps a critical eye on current preventive maintenance programmes and, if need be, suggests improvements to COMPANY,
Warns support and planning teams of any recurring problems related to the availability or quality of spare parts, Keeps track of any backlog of work in his area of responsibility and suggests corrective measures to COMPANY and CONTRACTOR if this backlog threatens to become unmanageable,
Produces the functional analysis previously to any software modifications in the ICSS under the direction and Control of COMPANY specialist Engineer.
Reviews and assures that all Software modifications and corrective actions are validated by COMPANY and conform with the functional analysis,
Ensures that all Control systems documentation is up to date and available on the SITE
Suggests improvements and requests modifications to COMPANY.

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