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Self Help International Vacancies 2020 August 2021 - Jobvacan

Self Help International Vacancies 2020

Responsible for all community level crop and livestock education within Self-Help International’s beneficiary communities as part of the organization’s training and farmer outreach.

As part of the Agriculture and Entrepreneur Development team, this position will primarily be responsible for all community level crop and livestock education within Self-Help International’s beneficiary communities as part of the organization’s training and farmer outreach.

The majority of this education will be facilitated within existing SHI programs (Microcredit, Teen Girls Clubs, Growing Healthy Food, Growing Healthy Children, School Feeding & Nutrition, Graduate Entrepreneur Program, Training Center), targeting SHI clients and contributing to the overall success of SHI’s mission.

The education provided will be in line with SHI’s overall mission of alleviating hunger by helping people help themselves and will be responsive to the nutritional needs of individuals, households and communities. In addition, this position will creatively look at ways to engage youth in agriculture through trainings, workshops, or other outlets.

Job Description

Job Title: Community Crop and Livestock Specialist 

The responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Maintain consistent communication and collaboration with Training Center Manager to plan and execute annual agriculture training and outreach agenda
  • Offer support and insight to Training Center Manager on common issues encountered in communities to aid their decision making on Training Center plots and activities
  • Provide engaging and interactive trainings on vegetable plots, container gardens, or other methods to provide access to diverse crops at the household level
  • Employ effective adult & community education strategies to ensure proper understanding of methods and topics
  • Provide necessary follow-up and guidance to ensure implementation of trainings
  • When necessary, connect individual to other SHI staff and programs to ensure success
  • Engage partners to provide trainings on new, nutrient rich crops in the community and facilitate demonstrations or community plots (i.e. orange-fleshed sweet potato)
  • Help ensure families’ access to animal and plant based proteins through rearing poultry (and eggs), growing cowpea, etc
  • Educate and train community members on foundational livestock rearing practices, such as pen construction, feed & water schedules, etc
  • Integrate simple technology in households to support crop and livestock success, such as rain water harvesting.
  • Work alongside Empowering Women and Girls and Nutrition teams to plan and implement a yearly activity plan
  • Work with EWG and Nutrition teams to set appropriate budgets for agriculture related activities within SHI programs
  • Engage youth in agricultural endeavors by facilitating trainings, workshops, etc
  • Provide technical support to Agric Clubs to ensure club leaders have the knowledge necessary to implement program
  • Build and maintain relationships with area partners and experts to provide trainings, resources, etc (MOFA, other NGOs, university partners, etc)
  • Keep accurate records on trainings and outreach activities in line with SHI monitoring and evaluation strategies and expectations
  • Ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills needed to maintain appropriate records and understand financial implications of any agric specific endeavors. Link to other staff or external partners when necessary.
  • Contribute to program monthly reports to capture all agric related outreach activities
  • Engage in budget projection activities on a yearly basis and maintain accurate expense records, reported on monthly


This position will split their time between the head office in Kumasi, the Training Center located in Nkawie/Nkawkrom, and the rural communities where SHI operates their programs. The break down will be approximate as listed below, but will vary depending on season, activities, projects, etc.

Kumasi office: 20%

Training Center: 20%

Field/Communities: 60%


  • Demonstrated success in rearing animals and cultivating crops
  • Degree in Agronomy, Agriculture, Crop Science, Animal Science, or other applicable fields (preferred)
  • Hold a valid drivers license (preferred) and motorcycle operating license (required) and be comfortable safely operating both in rural settings, or be able to obtain a licence(s) within 2 months of joining SHI.
  • Experience providing dynamic, effective trainings at a community level
  • Track record of cultivating and maintaining relationships and collaborations with stakeholders


Integrity – The job will not always have direct oversight and it is important that a high level of integrity is maintained when representing SHI and working with our beneficiaries.

Detail-oriented: The job requires consistent follow up with beneficiaries and coordinating multiple schedules and tasks.

Respect- Self-Help International treats all clients, partners, and recipients with respect, courtesy and kindness at all times.

Fluent in Twi & English – Most of our clients are Akans living in predominantly Twi speaking communities. Reports are submitted in English and it is often necessary to communicate effectively about the program in both Twi and English, so comfort and confidence in both languages is necessary.

Critical Thinking – It is imperative that the candidate can think critically around issues that arise within the program and can take the initiative to implement creative solutions to effectively address them and recommend continuous improvement

Team player – Self-Help International adopts a collaborative approach to development and collaboration with the AED team as well as combined efforts across programs is necessary.

Compassionate – The Officer is expected to lift up and empower clients of SHI as a whole. They must be able to establish a rapport with potential and current clients, celebrate successes and hold clients accountable with compassion and grace.

Financial Compensation

The annual gross salary for this position ranges from GHC 33,390.00​ ​ to GHC 37,100.04​

How To Apply

Interested persons should submit their applications to [email protected] not later than Monday, July, 2020. Applications should include a cover letter and resume. Please attach documents to one email as a word document or PDF and title as YOUR NAME, COVER LETTER & YOUR NAME, CV (example: ADWOA MENSAH COVER LETTER & ADWOA MENSAH CV)

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