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Miro Forestry Company Jobs 2021 – Latest Jobs in Ghana 2021- Recent Job Vacancies in Ghana

Miro Forestry Company Jobs 2021

Job Description

Job Title: Nursery Assistant

To Assist Nursery Manager for:

  •        Propagation of the tree seedlings/clones required to fulfill the company’s annual planting program.
  •        Management and maintenance of the company’s nursery infrastructure, including the irrigation system and stores.
  •        Management and responsibility for the company’s nursery consumables and tool stocks.
  •        Ensuring and Assessing risk and possible safety hazards of all aspects of operations. Creating analytical reports of safety data. Inspecting equipment and areas to make sure they are safe.
  •        Ensuring that the Nursery is in compliance and adheres to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.
  •        Record keeping and reporting to the Nursery Manager.
  •        Maintaining a high caliber staff.

Functions of Appointment:

Assist Nursery Manager to:

  •        Ensure the delivery of healthy quality seedlings/clones, and agreed species mix and quantities, are delivered to the field for planting to agreed timelines and record it in the seedlings dispatch book.
  •        Propagate (from seeds as well as cuttings) different tree species as required in accordance with the agreed budget.
  •         Conducting nursery experiments to standardize the protocols and recording data.
  •        Stock plant management for propagation of clones to deliver agreed quantities of clonal material to the field.
  •        Take responsibility for ordering consumables (such as fertilizers) and maintaining sufficient stocks so as to allow the smooth operation of the nursery to high quality. Likewise assist nursery manager for arranging agreed nursery infrastructure development (such as maintaining / expanding shade net areas /irrigation, building stores, etc.)
  •         Ensure the operation of the nursery to Forestry Stewardship Council standards including high standards of Health and Safety (including maintaining an incident register etc.).
  •        Take responsibility for the maintenance of the nursery, keeping the site in good working order. Keep the nursery site neat, tidy and presentable.
  •        Maintain proper records of seedlings produced, water consumption, staff attendance and other records necessary to be able to assess the efficiency of the nursery which is run as a cost center. Utilize such data to help improve operational efficiency.
  •       Report quantitatively to nursery manager on a weekly and monthly basis on the performance of the nursery.

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