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Kadi Africa Jobs 2020 August 2021 - Jobvacan

Kadi Africa Jobs 2020

helping the company management to execute all internal operations related to customers, employees, third-party logistic providers, and other parties.

Job Description

Job Title: Customer Success and HR Specialist 



  1. Provide technical and product support to customers and work with the CTO to implement feedback received from different conversations.
  2. Provide onboarding support for new customers, third-party logistics providers, and internal staff.
  3. Keep account of internal data related to our company operations(expenses, delivery data, etc) and record the data in the appropriate tool.
  4. Assist with pay roll processing, leave of absence execution, SSNIT payments, and other employee related activities (Permits, travels, etc).
  5. Buildlong-termrelationship with new and existing customers and third-party logistics providers.
  6. Provide trustworthy feedback and other recommendations to improve our product and service offerings
  7. Maintain excellent communication with CEO, CTO, Country Manager, and other staff members.
  8. Execute and lead other projects recommended by the CEO and the company management.


  1. Proven working experience as an HR specialist, customer support representative or a relevant role.
  2. Experience in customer support is a required
  3. Proficiency in MS Office
  4. Proficiency in English
  5. Local market knowledge
  6. Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  7. Ability to build rapport
  8. Time management and planning skills

9. BSc/BA in business administration, sales, marketing, or relevant field

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