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Job Vacancy For Drilling Technician - Current Jobs in Ghana July 2021 - Jobvacan
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Job Vacancy For Drilling Technician – Current Jobs in Ghana


• Coordinating with the drilling engineers and drilling supervisors
• Disassembling the drilling equipments and identifying any existing defect in it
• Ensure that the drilling equipments are in proper working condition by repairing any existing defect
• Ensuring that work is done safely
• Supporting the drilling engineers with planning and designing in order to help drilling operations
• Assisting in analysis post drilling operations
• Ensuring efficiency in drilling operations
• responsible for providing maintenance and doing repair work for equipments used for the purpose of drilling.
• supervise the accurate usage of these equipments.
• ensure that the equipments are in proper working condition so that the drilling operations take place smoothly.
• repair and maintain the hydraulic drillers.
• find any defect in the equipment they have to disassemble it and identify the defects.
• ensure that healthy and safe environment is maintained.
• support the engineer with plan and design that will support the drilling operations.
• work in coordination with drilling engineers and supervisors to come up with safe and efficient plans.

Qualification Required & Experience


• Specific training for drilling machines
• Needs to possess excellent coordination skills
• Must have good technical ability
• Must have sharp eyes for detailing
• Sometimes it may be necessary to have the ability to work with computers
• Needs to have good writing skills as they have to draft technical memos
• Should have the ability to identify problems and solve them
• SHS, certificate, diploma or higher

Location: Western Region

How To Apply For The Job

All C.V.s should be sent via:

[email protected] indicating the position as the subject of the e- mail.

Closing Date: 19 March, 2021

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