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Job ad Ghana : Project Manager for Debating Africa August 2021 - Jobvacan

Job ad Ghana : Project Manager for Debating Africa

Position : Project Manager for Debating Africa

We’re looking for a free-lance driven Project Manager based in Africa to help us develop our online citizen-driven platform, Debating Africa.

Africa and Europe need to revise and re-energise their relations. In a world of increased geopolitical competition with new and old actors jostling for influence across the continent, Europe and Africa must act urgently to modernise and revitalise relations. European and African narratives about each other need a fundamental reset.

Funded by the European Union, this project brings together a leading African think tank, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation renowned for its work in supporting good governance and exceptional leadership in Africa, a leading and innovative European think tank working on a more inclusive, sustainable and forward-looking Europe, Friends of Europe, and IPEMED, a respected academic institute. Together, this consortium has a vast depth of expertise on African and European policymaking and the investment environment across both regions as well as extensive networks of high level political and business contacts.

At the heart of this project is outreach and engagement with diverse stakeholders across Africa with a strategic focus on youth in civil society. The project aims at opening up space for new and emerging voices in the Africa-Europe partnership and providing a platform for effective engagement involving young citizens and policymakers from across the continent and on themes relevant to the future of Africa-Europe relations.

To coordinate this project, Friends of Europe is recruiting a Project Manager for “Debating Africa”, an online platform which will be the central tool for citizen engagement in the overall Africa-Europe Alliance project and a first platform of its kind involving citizens and policymakers across the continent.

The idea behind Debating Africa is to connect young Africans and policymakers in online debates on the key issues facing the continent. Citizens will be encouraged to send in their questions and policy recommendations, which will then be taken to a relevant African policymaker for a response.

Debating Africa will strive to become the online discussion platform designed to –

•    engage young Africans and policymakers in an on-going conversation on vital issues shaping the future of Africa;

•    challenge traditional ‘top-down’ thinking with a citizen-driven ‘bottom-up’ approach;

•    explain to citizens in a simple, easily digestible way the key issues at stake for the African continent.

Here is what we expect from you.


As Project Manager, you will be responsible for

  • Delivering and managing Debating Africa’s online debates, including the logistics and organisation, to a high standard and in accordance with the requirements of the organisation and partner contractual obligations.
  • Assisting the Editor with the planning, scheduling and managing DA’s annual editorial calendar of online debates together.
  • Identifying and inviting relevant policymakers and experts to contribute to online debates, including scheduling and taking interviews.
  • Supporting the growth of DA’s activities by assisting with business development activities including identifying new opportunities, writing formal funding and partnership proposals and maintaining relations with current partners.
  • Working in close liaison with the Multimedia Manager to ensure all video interviews are edited, and infographics are designed to deadlines.
  • Collaborating with the wider “Africa Europe Alliance” team and Friends of Europe to ensure overall programming coherence and contribute to a common outreach and engagement strategy with civil society, think-tanks and institutions across the continent.
  • Running and coordinating focus groups with the DA community, targeting the relevant participants for a given aim (e.g. age, gender, nationality, interests).
  • Mapping and managing a network of youth and citizen-driven community partners across all of DA’s markets, and integrating them when required into DA’s work.

This position is open only to free-lancers who are residents of an African country.

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