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Job ad Ghana : Consultant - Accra November 2020 - Jobvacan

Job ad Ghana : Consultant – Accra

Position : Consultant

Terms of Reference


1.0 Background

It is truism that the corona virus pandemic has affected every facet of life globally. According to Deloitte Ghana, projected Global GDP growth of 3.3% for 2020 is going to drop to less than 2.9% due to Covid-19. Africa’s projected GDP growth of 3.2% for 2020 is now expected to slow to about 1.8%. In Ghana, the Minister for Finance delivered a Statement to the Parliament of Ghana on the “Economic Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Economy of Ghana” on March 30, 2020. Ghana’s estimated GDP growth is set to plummet from a target of 6.8% to about 2.6% in 2020 .

The Government of Ghana implemented some bold measures to mitigate the impact of the corona virus pandemic. Some of the measures undertaken by government included containment and social safety nets aimed at the poor and vulnerable as well stimulus packages targeted at businesses. Government also established a COVID-19 National Trust Fund to receive contributions and donations from the public including the private sector and individual citizens.

As the private sector donated towards the Government of Ghana’s COVID-19 National Trust fund, it appears that the Government has responded to this donation by putting in place a number of tax breaks/reliefs for companies/individuals who donate towards the COVID-19 fund. Whilst the tax breaks or reliefs could help the country’s effort at this critical time by providing some measure of relief for the distressed private sector, there are concerns about possible higher revenue losses to large companies as a result. There are also concerns that most of these donations are from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets of companies and have therefore already been given the required tax reliefs.

2.0 Objective of the assignment

GACC is seeking to engage the services of a consultant to analyze the actual cost of tax incentives being given to corporate COVID-19 donors, whilst using this as a basis to inform national dialogue on taxation as the consultant is also expected to assess the position of political parties on taxation and make recommendations for fair and efficient taxation.

3.0 Scope of the work

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Assess cost/benefits of the tax incentives given to corporate donors to the government’s COVID-19 Trust Fund
  • Monitor and document positions/policies of Political parties’ (NPP & NDC) on corporate and digital taxation for election 2020
  • Make recommendations for equitable and efficient taxation

Expected Outputs and deliverables

All draft documents will be submitted as soft copies while the final products will be submitted in both soft and hard copies.

The consultant should submit the following key deliverables:

  • Draft inception report – outlining details of research activities with proposed methodology and timeline/delivery dates
  • Submission of draft research reports for feedback and comments
  • Submission of final reports(soft copy and hard copy)
Required profile for job ad : Consultant

4.0 Expected Requirements of Applicants

Successful applicant should have at least 5 years’ relevant professional experience, including knowledge and work in governance space, especially in areas of Taxation. The consultant shall possess at least a master’s degree in a relevant field.

Skills and Experience:

  • Demonstrated experience of conducting tax or tax-related work coupled with a good knowledge of Ghana’s tax landscape
  • Demonstrated experience of undertaking Civil Society Organizations related research will be an added advantage
  • A minimum of five years of experience of having undertaken similar assignments

5.0 Duration of Contract

The assignmentshould commence immediately after contracting and end within 6 weeks. Within this period, the consultant is to ensure completion of all deliverables.

  • Curriculum vitae and
  • A technical proposal outlining the assessment approach and a budget

Thank you for applying before the closing Date: 05 October, 2020

Job criteria for job ad : Consultant

Job category :
Industries :

Advice, audit, accounting

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Region :
City :Accra
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Number of Position(s) :1

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