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Hechtech Audio Productions Jobs 2020 September 2020 - Jobvacan

Hechtech Audio Productions Jobs 2020

You are an expert at writing and editing English; you speak fluent Ga, you have experience with marketing and social media; you can record and mix audio; you can solve hardware and software problems; you are quick at finding the answer to any question; you have an interest in storytelling; you are interested in, and open-minded about, spiritual matters; you can work flexible hours and meet tight deadlines.

Job Description

Job Title: Assistant Radio Producer 

If you qualify, you will be tested to prove you can:

  • write and edit English at a professional level
  • research on the internet, and by other means
  • use a DAW, such as Adobe Audition or Pro Tools
  • speak Ga fluently

If you are asked to come for the test but can’t find our location or arrive late then you will be disqualified. (Sorry but this is all we have to judge you by)

If you pass the test you will be interviewed to see if you: 

  • are up on current affairs, both global and local
  • have experience with administration and marketing
  • are good with social media and computers — software and hardware
  • have an amazing memory and can multitask
  • are open minded about spiritual and religious practices
  • are funny, dynamic and have lots of positive energy

Non-essential — but highly desirable — skills include:

  • audio engineering and field recording
  • any kind of storytelling and/or music making abilities
  • professional level French, German or any other language

You don’t need any formal qualifications. You do need to prove that you are super smart and curious. You will be working for me, a crusty old English/German journalist, based in and around Africa for more than 20 years. I settled in Accra a couple of years ago to produce radio documentary dramas. For income we undertake corporate investigations. My office and home are at Hechtech House in Osu, which includes guest rooms and a function hall that we manage. You will be working with a small team that includes an administrator, another assistant, housekeepers and security staff.

How to Apply

To apply, send a CV and short cover letter to [email protected] 

If your submission is poorly written or includes typos you will be disqualified. (Sorry but this is all we have to judge you by):

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