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Goldbelt Vacancies 2019 - Jobs in Ghana May 2020 - Jobvacan

Goldbelt Vacancies 2019 – Jobs in Ghana

The SGI coordinator are expected to work with U.S. embassy and Partner Nation personnel to facilitate implementation of security sector assistance provided through SGI. The SGI security sector assistance is directed primarily at the national-level, including in Offices of the Presidencies, and the Ministries of Defense, Interior, and Justice.

Job Description

Job Title: Program Coordinator

Performance-Based Tasks Required

The coordinator shall:

  • Assist Embassy Accra and the Department of State, Bureau of African Affairs, Office of Security Affairs (AF/SA) to coordinate the implementation of the recommendations, objectives, and end states defined in the Joint Country Action Plan (JCAP), and all associated activity related to SGI.
  • Track and report weekly on progress made during the implementation of the Joint Country Action Plan (JCAP), including upcoming events, activities, objectives, end states and obstacles to completing tasks.
  • Track and report status of all SGI project plans tied to JCAP objectives to the COR.
  • Provide recommendations to address emerging requirements to accomplish JCAP objectives and end states, and make recommendations for sustainable improvement. Collect, track and report to SGI office and COR all anticipated and expended costs associated with SGI implementation.
  • Propose additional requirements and estimated costs necessary to accomplish JCAP objectives and end states.
  • Serve as an interface between Embassy Ghana and the key Government of Ghana (GOG) representatives to inform and coordinate on SGI-related issues and activities.
  •  Provide monthly updates to the key GOG representatives on SGI activities, or as requested. Monthly updates shall include current information on SGI activities, identification of existing or emerging concerns, and recommended solutions for improved implementation of SGI.
  • Facilitate meetings between GOG representatives, the U.S. Embassy, the U.S. SGI Head of Delegation, and others as required.
  • Provide recommendations to the GOG representatives for implementing national-level, and inter-ministerial SGI activities.
  • Prepare the GOG for upcoming SGI activities by communicating requirements for appropriate personnel, conveying expectations for engagement, informing of advance preparation required, compiling relevant GOG documents needed for activity, and informing of Leahy vetting requirements.
  • Facilitate interaction between GOG representatives and SGI implementer, informing Embassy and SGI Office of any concerns during activity.
  • Follow-up with GOG representatives after engagement, communicating any questions or feedback to the implementer.
  • Support the Ministry of Defense (MOD), Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Police Services, Ministry of Justice (MOJ), and others to plan administrative aspects of SGI assistance.
  • Prepare relevant ministry participants for upcoming SGI activities by communicating requirements for appropriate personnel, conveying expectations for engagement, informing of advance preparation required, compiling relevant GOG documents needed for activity, informing of Leahy vetting requirements.
  • Facilitate interaction between relevant ministries and SGI implementer, informing Embassy and AF/SA/SGI Office of any concerns.
  • Follow-up with the relevant ministries after engagement, and communicate any questions and/or feedback to implementer.
  • Assist Embassy Accra to coordinate with the GOG on the administrative aspects of SGI programming.
  • Identify, reserve, and fund meeting space for Steering Committees and program activities, as required.
  • Draft agendas, talking points, and joint communiques
  • Assist with the flow of information between AF/SA/SGI, Embassy Accra and the GOG.
  • Organize and participate in regular calls with the AF/SA/SGI Office.
  • Submit weekly situation reports (SITREPs) to AF/SA/SGI Office, Embassy representatives, and SGI Ghana Head of Delegation.
  • Organize and participate in monthly meetings with USG stakeholders.
  • Organize regular calls or VTCs with GOG SGI points of contact and USG stakeholders, including preparing agenda, invitations, IT connections, and circulating meeting notes.
  • Collect, inventory, and disseminate After Action Reports (AARs) from SGI implementers following each activity
  • Assist with all administrative and logistical duties in support of USG TDY travelers, before travel and while in country to include:
  • Compiling Country Clearances
  • Share visa requirements
  • Completing required security training
  • Compile fiscal data/fund sites for ICASS/motor pool or other fees
  • Coordinate hotel reservations, local transport/motor pool, airport expeditors
  • Support the Public Affairs Office on media engagements pertaining to SGI.
  • Reports to designated Embassy Accra Country Team representative, including receiving approval for any overtime prior to receiving COR approval.
  • Share information and support activities with other SGI Country Coordinators and SGI Partner Countries, as required.

Experience and/or Certifications

  • At least five (5) years working in Africa with a minimum of three (3) years of experience in sub-Saharan Africa
  • At least three (3) years with experience working with the security sector
  • Demonstrated prior professional experience requiring excellent communications skills, both verbal and written including helping foreign governments with the creation of presentations, talking points, and official documents.
  • 5 years of professional work experience; with 3+ years demonstrated experience with the U.S. inter-agency, working with foreign governments or partners, international organizations, non-government organizations, and/or military; and 1+ year project management experience.
  • Level IV (Fluent) English language proficiency, both oral and written, is required.
  • Job Knowledge: writing reports, monitoring and evaluation, and familiarity with U.S. inter-agency.
  • Excellent management, interpersonal, and teamwork skills, especially in multicultural settings. Microsoft Windows applications and basic budgeting skills are necessary. Successful candidate will demonstrate resourcefulness and ability to work well independently.
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