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Global Health Security (GHS) Project Manager for Ghana (West Africa) September 2021 - Jobvacan

Global Health Security (GHS) Project Manager for Ghana (West Africa)

Place of performance: Accra, Ghana

Period of Performance: August 27, 2018 – August 26, 2020

Service Objective:** To satisfy the overall objectives of CDC-Ghana and international collaboration responsibilities, the contractor will: 1) assist the CDC/DGHP with implementation, monitoring, and oversight of the GHSA portfolio in Ghana and in the West African Region. This includes entities funded through the CoAgs listed in Section C.1. and 2) provide technical assistance to CDC-Ghana in the planning, development, and implementation of GHSA. This includes providing overall coordination for different Action Packages and technical areas including surveillance, laboratory systems strengthening, workforce development and emergency preparedness and response, in order to successfully implement GHSA.

A. 1 Task Requirements:

Program Coordination

A.1.1- Provide program coordination, oversight, and technical assistance in monitoring GHSA program.

A.1.2- Provide project management and technical consultation and assistance to CDC-Ghana (via CoAg GH001761, GH001830, GH001993, GH000968, GH001894, GH001635, and follow-on

co-ag awards) with GHSA implementing partners, host government ministry collaborators and non-governmental organizations in implementation of GHSA Roadmap/National Health Security Plan activities.

A.1.3- Ensure initiative goals, objectives, targets and work plan aligns with overall GHSA Roadmap/National Health Security strategy and other agency priorities.

Project Management

A.1.4- Participate with GHSA USG Interagency team as well as external partners in planning for needs for the GHSA Ghana portfolio.

A.1.5- Work closely with the GHSA team and partners in developing strategies and methods for implementation. Responsible for task allocation and coordination, setting and meeting development timelines, identifies implementation and execution of strategies.

A.1.6- Conduct routine site visits and work closely with designated program managers in each partner organization as well as agency technical leads in related program.

A.1.7- Travel to districts to provide technical assistance and monitoring of programmatic activities. During site visits, review progress and monitor the process (including resource allocation), outcome and impact of GHSA-related activities, identifies implementation achievements as well as challenges in performance, and initiates appropriate actions in consultation with the Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service, implementing partners and CDC. A.1.8- Exercise judgment in planning and carrying out tasks, in resolving problems and conflicts, and in taking steps necessary to meet deadlines. Facilitate appropriate information sharing for disseminating progress on tasks. Ensure all information sharing and communication is done accurately and timely both internally and externally.

Material and Communication Development

A.1.9- Coordinate and develop materials aligned with GHSA project goals and objectives.

A.1.10- Routinely provide briefings and recommendations to CDC on key stakeholder (cooperative agreement partners) issues as they occur.

Administrative Duties

A.1.11- Conduct regular meetings and ad hoc communications with global, country/local agencies to effectively facilitate the completion of programmatic and reporting goals and objectives, to include telephone, email, face-to-face meetings, and trainings.

A.1.12- Make oral presentations as necessary.

A.1.13- Maintain files and records specific to project activities/programs for which contractor is responsible. Program files include reports, meeting summaries and minutes, copies of all grants/cooperative agreements/contracts, as well as technical documentation (technical considerations, target files, etc.). Whenever possible these records will be filed electronically for recordkeeping purposes.

A.1.14- Complete and maintain up-to-date certification for all CDC and Center for Global Health-required trainings including Security Awareness Training.

A.1.15 – Develop semi-annual work plan for all tasks.

A.1.16 – Develop semi-annual Report for all tasks.

A. 2 Task Deliverables: To be discussed upon hire/award

A. Minimum Qualifications and/or Certifications:

  • Master’s Level Degree in Public Health

  • Four (4) years minimum experience in coordinating public health programs at regional, national, local levels, international experience in West African region

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively, seeking advice and support when necessary.

  • Excellent communication and writing skills. Experience in development of strategic documents, briefing documents, and reports.

  • Ability to effectively communicate in English on a daily basis with various groups (speaking,

reading and writing

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