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Gender Justice Volunteer Cooperant Mandate - 12 months - Volunteer Cooperation Program August 2021 - Jobvacan

Gender Justice Volunteer Cooperant Mandate – 12 months – Volunteer Cooperation Program

ATTENTION: Because of international travel restrictions you must be living in the country of assignement at the time of your application. Please see requirements before applying

Candidates must be in the country at the time of the application. Please send a resume in ENGLISH, which is the working language in Ghana.

Through its mission, Oxfam is committed to promoting the well-being of children, youth, women and men.

Oxfam has a policy of zero tolerance for any behaviour that contravenes its code of conduct, including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, as well as lack of integrity, corruption and fraud.

To achieve this, Oxfam will ensure that it recruits people who demonstrate the same values and expects everyone already working in the organization to share and embody this commitment.


Oxfam-Quebec is implementing its new volunteer cooperation program (VCP) entitled « Equality in Action » in close collaboration with Oxfam teams in the countries of intervention. This program will take place over a period of seven years (2020-2027) in thirteen countries and three regions.

The VCP aims to increase the performance of local partner organizations in developing countries in implementing inclusive, innovative and sustainable development initiatives that will advance gender equality in all 13 countries. The knowledge, capacity and expertise of qualified Canadian volunteers will be leveraged through short and long-term assignments with local partner organizations.

As part of the launch of its VCP, Oxfam-Quebec is seeking to fill mandates that will support Oxfam teams in the 13 countries of intervention in order to contribute to the development of the program’s implementation plan and annual work plan. Volunteers will also work closely with partner organizations to establish the program’s baseline and define our partnership approach.


In close collaboration with the Oxfam team in Ghana, the volunteer will:

  • Provide technical advice and support to ensure that gender justice and women’s rights are mainstreamed in the work of the partners;
  • Ensure that international standards on gender and gender-based violence (GBV) are taken into account in the planning and implementation of the volunteer cooperation programme;
  • Support partners and the team in promoting safe programs for women and girls;
  • Support project managers and partners in integrating gender into all stages of the project cycle (from design to evaluation).
  • Support the identification of women’s rights organizations and feminist youth movements able to collaborate with Oxfam in the design and implementation of gender-sensitive programme and campaigns;
  • Participate in country planning exercises and in the development of the country strategy;Provide support for gender strategy analysis associated with programming and advocacy;
  • Support documentation, knowledge management and learning exchange on gender from the perspective of disseminating initiatives targetingwomen’s rights and women’s transformative leadership;
  • To share and embody Oxfam’s commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against behaviour that violates the code of conduct, including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse; intimidation.


  • Be domiciled in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana or Senegal and have:
    • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status in Canada
    • or citizenship of a West African country other than the country where the person is domiciled.
  • University degree in any relevant field
  • Experience in gender related project management approaches.
  • Experience in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrated leadership and coaching capacities.

  • Demonstrate creative, innovative mindset.

  • Autonomy and professionalism

  • Intercultural Skills.

  • Experience in training and workshop facilitation.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) and Collaborative platforms

  • English, spoken and written. (mandatory)

  • Commitment to Oxfam’s mission and values, including the promotion of equality between women and men.


Monthly allowance: amount based on the cost of living in the country of assignment.
Travel insurance, life and disability insurance.
Housing allowance

Access to various trainings

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