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Finance Manager at SUNDA International - Jobs in Ghana May 2020 - Jobvacan

Finance Manager at SUNDA International – Jobs in Ghana

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Overseas Finance Manager (English/French/Spanish)
[Working place] Permanent resident in the English-speaking African countries (Tanzan, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda) or African-speaking African countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali) or the Spanish-speaking region of South America Country (Peru), base overseas trading company total point
[Travel frequency] Occasionally go to the point of business trip
[Retirement system] One year return to China for vacation, once a month, vacation paid
[Remuneration] Monthly salary 25-35K
[Reporting superior] Chief Financial Officer of Group Headquarters
[Subordinate situation] Chinese financial manager and foreign financial staff
【Job Responsibilities】
1. Supervision of foreign accounts: 1) Review the quality and progress of foreign account accounting, ensure that the book data conforms to the basic logic, and cannot have obvious loopholes and problems; 2) handle tax returns on time, report foreign accounts, and complete external audit work;

2, tax emergency handling: deal with tax emergencies with MD, and improve internal control in event handling to prevent similar incidents from happening again;
3. Expenses and payment review: Substantive review expense reimbursement form, loan order, supplier payment application form, customs clearance special expense application form;
4. Fund management: 1) Opening a new internal bank account, timely disclosing the old internal bank account; 2) depositing the funds into the designated bank according to the financing needs; 3) arranging according to the customs clearance payment and local procurement needs Retaining funds and repatriating them to the country;
5. Purchase of foreign exchange management: According to the exchange rate and the security of funds, choose the channel for purchasing foreign exchange, and track the safe return of funds to the country;
6. Supervise and guide the work of financial personnel: supervise and guide the work of other Chinese financial personnel (including Chinese financial personnel in the branch) and foreign financial personnel;
7. Management of foreign financial personnel: 1) Recruitment interviews with foreign financial personnel; 2) Regular performance evaluation and performance interviews for foreign finance.
【job requirements】

1. Bachelor degree or above, accounting related major, accounting intermediate title and above;
2, 5 years and above financial work experience, company general ledger and sales finance experience, overseas experience is preferred;
3. English or French or Spanish can be used as working language;
4. Proficient in the company’s document system, familiar with local national tax laws, and familiar with accounting expertise;
5, familiar with the use of SAP, POS, UF financial system, familiar with EXCEL operations and functions;
6, excellent team leadership, exchange of public relations, control of the overall situation, analysis and judgment;
7, rigorous and careful, principled, easy-going and friendly.


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