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EBC Associates, LLC Vacancies 2020 August 2021 - Jobvacan

EBC Associates, LLC Vacancies 2020

EBC Associates is pleased to partner with Pebble Grey, LLC, in the search for a General Manager, Ghana. This is a terrific opportunity for an experienced poultry/chicken manager, looking to take the next step in their career. Position Summary: The General Manager, reporting to the Board of Directors and a Co-opted Member of the Group Board, is responsible for developing the capacity of the poultry farming and chicken processing to fulfill the purposes of Pebble Grey, LLC Agricultural Program in Ghana. The General Manager will provide strategic leadership to the poultry and chicken project, its staff, and its group level and partners. Duties/Areas of Responsibility: Dynamic Leadership: Model dynamic leadership and motivate the other leaders of the business units to effectively manage its vision and resources. Demonstrate excellent knowledge and practical experience in the development of a start-up multi-functional project and ensure that the principles and values permeate the business units and at all functional levels.

Job Description

Job Title: General Manager

Vision and Planning: Working closely with the Board of the Business Unit and the Group Board of Directors, facilitate the development and lead the achievement of the vision and long-term goals of the business units in line with the Group vision and mission principles. Facilitate the development of strategic and annual plans in line with the Group strategic plan. Allocate on average 60% of time for business area initiatives development and 40% time for operational and administrative functions.

Human Resource Management: Recruit, develop, manage, and evaluate personnel to promote the purposes and achieve the goals of the business units, including skilled and casual staff. Develop and deploy effective development programmes and equitable human resource systems to invest in and retain people of quality, who are devoted to the mission, as the primary resource of the poultry farm and the chicken processing units.


Project Management: Capitalize on opportunities and overcome obstacles to achieve projects to scale, and sustainability in line with the Group’s mission principles and the business units’ strategic plan. Oversee projects planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation. Develop and manage effective partnerships to accomplish project goals. Ensure that the business units and its projects in consultation with the Board of Directors, manage planning processes to set annual and strategic plans for the Poultry Farm and Chicken

Processing. Directly supervise between five and ten staff plus indirect management of projects’ office and field staff depending on projects growth size.

In consultation with the Group Level and Board of Directors, contribute to the policy guidelines development, recommend and set policy to govern the poultry and chicken processing operations.

Candidate Qualifications & Qualities

The successful candidate for the General Manager position will have: • 8 or more years of successful international development experience including five or more years effective senior management experience, preferable with Agri-business or poultry farming and chicken processing within a fast-developing or developed region. • Project and community development experience a distinct advantage. • Experience in serving on the Boards of Directors for a profit making company is strongly preferred. • Experience in chicken farm resource development, plus a cross-cultural relationship development is strongly preferred. • Experience in managing mutually inclusive projects required. • University degree in agricultural science such as crop and animal science, public agricultural administration, management, and/ or agric engineering. • Continuing education or graduate study preferred but not required, in relevant fields such as resource development, project management, or community development. Application Deadline

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