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Boart Longyear Recruitment 2021 May 2022 - Jobvacan
May Voucher

Boart Longyear Recruitment 2021

Performs mechanical and hydraulic maintenance on conventional and NC/Automatic machine tools, but do not normally involve the electronics associated with such equipment. Dismantles, moves, assembles, installs and repairs all types of conventional and NC/automatic machine tools including lathes, mills, punch presses, die casting machines, injection and compression plastic molding machines and automatic screw machines. Lubricates machine tools and equipment. Performs repairs and replacement of parts on small tools such as pneumatic spray mist units, bench grinders, sanders and drills. Performs plumbing hook-ups which may involve soft/hard soldering, installation, forming and bending copper and steel tubing for fluid, pneumatic or hydraulic applications. May perform gas welding and brazing. Reads and interprets layout plans, blueprints, operating and repair manuals, engineering sketches and often works from verbal instructions. May troubleshoot and repair mechanical equipment and systems requiring the isolation of the malfunction, disassembly of equipment and repair/replacement of bearings, gears and structural components. May perform preventive maintenance on equipment and mechanical systems.

Job Description

Job Title: Mechanic x3 


Education and Experience:

Typically requires a High School diploma or equivalent and a minimum of 3+ years of directly related experience.

May Voucher