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Bayport Savings and Loans PLC Vacancies 2020 November 2020 - Jobvacan

Bayport Savings and Loans PLC Vacancies 2020

Liaise with all problem resolution groups to reduce the impact of incidents and problems and to prevent recurrence of incidents.

Job Description

Job Title: Head of Technology

  • Close of all problem records formally once the problem report (RCA) has been completed and distributed to stakeholders
  • Facilitate, document and follow-up on all activities relating to problem investigation and review.
  • Analyse historical data to identify and eliminate potential incidents before they occur.
  • Identify the underlying causes of incidents and preventing recurrences.
  • Facilitate the development of workarounds or other solutions to incidents.
  • Resolve all critical events generated and/or reported to the Service Desk.

Drive Business Strategy

  • Capture and channel the energy of individuals’ personal strategies for exploiting Information technology, aligned and backed by a corporate purpose to maximize total value, innovate, constrain overall cost and mitigate risk.

Leverage Technology across Business Units

  • Enhance TAT via consistent training and effective process improvement through workflow system automation.

Revenue generation and cost reduction

  • Maximize total value while reducing overall cost by effective negotiation, Innovation, planning and decision making.

System Optimisation

  • Ensure IT systems and decisions are optimum, and necessary policies for enhancements are adhered to while enhancing or leveraging on existing IT infrastructure
  • Provide and support effective enterprise tools and platforms for business interactions.

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