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Advans Ghana Recruiting (4 Positions) July 2022 - Jobvacan
May Voucher

Advans Ghana Recruiting (4 Positions)

As the Ghanaian economy evolves, Advans Ghana continues to update its products and services to meet customers’ new financial requirements. The dynamism of the company has over the years attracted young and motivated employees. Today, there are about 400 welcoming staff members ready to serve you in the 12 Advans Ghana offices.

As a Savings and Loans company, Advans Ghana is under the supervision of the Bank of Ghana. Advans Ghana stands apart from other micro-lenders in the stability of its financial support thanks to their shareholders. These include Advans SA and  leading non-government organizations such as the International Finance Corporation and KfW, and major banks such as the Société Générale. Advans Ghana is a member of the Advans group. The Advans group is a network of microfinance institutions (MFIs) and microbanks which provide adapted financial services to Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and low-income populations in developing, emerging and frontier countries. Advans aims to transfer best practices in corporate governance and operations management to its affiliates.

Job Description

Job Title: Network Administrator

The Network Administrator, under the direct supervision of the I.T Manager would intervene in the areas that follow and in line with his area of expertise:

  • the management, availability and service quality of the network administration (ORBIT Software and the accounting software SAGE)
  • the installation of computers for users and ensure availability of their associated programmer application
  • The set-up and maintenance of telecommunication networks between the head office and the branches, including IP-PBX Asterisk.
  • assisting the operations team in the creation of requests in the database

1. Managing the Systems Administration (in line with HDF team in Paris)

  • Install and configure the database (like MS SQL, mySql, Oracle…) on the servers
  • Ensure the maintenance of the database and their servers (integrity, performance, consolidation, update)
  • Ensure perfect completion of periodic checks/repairs, especially end-of-day operations.
  • Ensure proper storage (saving and archiving) of data
  • Administer profiles and users of the operational software
  • Administer and maintain the different environment necessary for the evolution of the operational software ( live environment, test, training) and its interface
  • Ensure uniformity of the configuration for all installed database.

2. Installation and maintenance of office tools:

To ensure that all IT equipments are functional to a satisfactory level, the Network Administrator will:

  • Manage the bulk of computers of the institution ( both fixed and portable ones)
  • Install and update office softwares and security tools (anti-virus, firewall)

3. Installation and maintenance of the telecommunication network of the institution

  • Manage the network  between the head office and the branches and at different sites (cables, wifi, radio ring, satellite liaisons, …)
  • Select the internet access provider and ensure there is stability in connection for all the different sites of the institution
  • Manage the mail server
  • Ensure the security of the computer network (data confidentiality) and to ensure the security of installations (plug-ins; protection against fire)
  • Manage IP-PBX Asterisk

4. Assist the operational team (training, creation of requests, access to database…)

  • Train the users of the accounting software, users of the MIS – Management Information System, and standard office packages if necessary
  • Create ad hoc requests or rapport in collaboration with the experts of the profession
  • Be available to auditors in their missions of investigation  when the need arises

The Network Administrator shall demonstrate:

  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure (e.g. solving real-time issues)
  • Training skills
  • Good command of written and spoken English

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